Author: Corey Roberts

Ten Years of Service

At the September 5th Commission meeting, the Lincoln County Commissioners presented a certificate to Jenny Clarke for her ten years of service with Lincoln County. Jenny is the Chief Deputy in the District Court. Congratulations!

August Employee Recognition

Brandon Smith and Clint Nielson were recognized for their years of service with Lincoln County at the Commission meeting on August 1st. Clint is the South Road and Bridge Foreman and received a certificate for his 10 years. Brandon received his 5 year certificate. He is also with the South Road and Bridge with a position as Operator. Congratulations Brandon and Clint!

Donlee Jackson

Chairman Robert King, Vice-Chairman Kent Connelly and Commissioner Jerry Harmon presented Donlee Jackson with his 35 Years of Service certificate and Chamber Bucks at their mid-month meeting in Afton on March 21, 2017.  Donlee works at the north Lincoln County Road and Bridge department. Please join us in congratulating Donlee for his many years of service with Lincoln County!

February 2017 Years of Service Recognition

The Lincoln County Commissioners recognized the following employees at their February 8th

Commission meeting for their “Years of Service” with Lincoln County:

Amy Butler, 5 Years, Lincoln County Engineer;

Lynne Rodgers, 15 Years, Lincoln County Detention (Sergeant);

Jim Lytle, 15 Years, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (Deputy in Star Valley).

Congratulations Amy, Lynne and Jim!

December 2016 Employee Recognition

During the December 2016 Commission meetings the Commissioners recognized the following county employees for their years of service:

Fred Campbell, 5 Years, South Lincoln County Road and Bridge

Maryanne Christensen, 10 Years, North Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Savanna Krall, 10 Years, South Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

Congratulations Fred, Maryanne and Savanna!