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Request for Qualifications and Proposal

Request for Qualifications and Proposal

Description of Project:

The Lincoln County old stone jail (now used as a county office building), located at 520 Topaz Street in Kemmerer, Wyoming was built in 1913 and extensively remodeled in the late 1980s. The interior was totally stripped to the rock walls and dirt floor, however, no significant exterior work was done. The building is sandstone that was quarried locally. The columns on the front of the building, various sills and some rocks show deterioration. The grout joints also need to be inspected for deterioration and the mortar needs to be checked for suitability of the mortar material. The project, which may need to be phased, is a request for a proposal to perform a complete masonry restoration and repair of the existing masonry.


The building is in use Monday through Friday and will need to remain in use for the duration of the project. There are multiple entrances to the building so an entrance may be blocked for a period of time to facilitate work. The initial funding available is approximately $50,000. If necessary work will exceed that amount, the contractor is requested to propose a phased project that considers both the funding available and the work that can logically be done in a phased approach while not unnecessarily escalating the overall cost due to the phasing of the project.


The intent is to hire a qualified Masonry Contractor to perform all phases of the project through completion.


Project Schedule:

Pre-qualification submittal (Optional)            January 4, 2016 by close of business

Pre-proposal site visit (Mandatory)              January 15, 2016 at 2 p.m.

Proposals/Qualifications due                          February 1, 2016 by close of business

Interviews of qualified firms (if needed)         To be scheduled after February 2nd

Selection of Masonry Contractor                   Between February 2nd and 16th

Start project                                                    Per proposal and contract


Services Requested:

  1. Project scope and budget
  2. Development of phasing plan, if necessary
  3. Complete Masonry repair services, including, but not limited to the following: All services, materials and equipment required for the mortar repair/replacement, stone repair/replacement, masonry cleaning and restoration, application of breathable sealer, and any related construction/installation through final acceptance of the work.


Statement Qualification Format:

The Statement of Qualifications shall be short and concise and is to address the following areas:

  1. Company description: Include a detailed listing of the masonry installation and restoration qualifications of the proposer.
  2. A description of the guiding principles and operational practices for masonry repair and restoration, including the following:
  3. How the determination of mortar type is made, determination of appropriateness of type, if type is appropriate but repair is required, an explanation of the proposed color matching process and the mortar repointing process.
  4. How the determination of whether to repair or replace damaged stone is made, description of the process to repair or replace stone.
  5. How the determination that cleaning is needed is reached, a description of the cleaning process and materials used.
  6. Description of the selection of and application process for a breathable sealer.
  7. List five recently completed projects (similar materials preferred) include the owner’s name, address, phone number and the cost of the masonry work.
  8. Provide assurance that, if selected, work will be done in accordance with National Park Service Presentation Briefs 1, 2, 3 and 4 relative to masonry work and standards in ACI (American Concrete Institute) 530.
  9. Evidence of ability to meet schedules and budgets: Examples may include the five previously submitted projects or other projects which presented unique challenges.
  10. Resumes for the key individuals working on the project, specifically referencing applicable training and/or certifications or other evidence of technical ability.
  11. Other appropriate qualifications-based selection factors.


Proposal Format:

  1. Outline the work that the building requires including approximate costs. Work should be broken down to clearly tie to the description given in #2 of the statement of qualifications.
  2. Propose a project timeline and budget, develop phases if total cost of work will exceed $50,000.
  3. If the project budget will exceed $50,000 and there is work that is critical for the building’s structure as opposed to the building’s aesthetic appearance, provide a budget for the critical work.
  4. Change Order Process: An explanation of pricing practices for masonry repair and restoration including responsibility for errors and changes, i.e., masonry contractor’s errors and owner’s errors and/or changes.
  5. Statement acknowledging Lincoln County’s requirements for insurance which are: Insurance: Prior to commencement of work, Contractor shall procure and submit proof thereof to the County, and at all times thereafter maintain such insurance as will protect Contractor and County from claims under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Wyoming or any other State concerning employees engaged in the performance of work under this Agreement; and from claims for damages because of negligence or bodily injury, including but not limited to death and damages to property, all with coverage limits of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). Contractor agrees to provide a certificate of liability insurance to County evidencing said limit. This insurance must cover Contractor’s operations under this Agreement, whether such operations be by Contractor or by any subcontractor or anyone directly or indirectly employed by either of them.
  6. Pursuant to W.S. 16-6-112, Lincoln County will require some form of guarantee which shall be:

(i) Conditioned for the payment of all taxes, excises, licenses, assessments, contributions, penalties and interest lawfully due;

(ii) For the use and benefit of any person performing any work or labor or furnishing any material or goods of any kind which were used in the execution of the contract, conditioned for the performance and completion of the contract according to its terms, compliance with all the requirements of law and payment as due of all just claims for work or labor performed, material furnished and taxes, excises, licenses, assessments, contributions, penalties and interest accrued in the execution of the contract; and

(iii) In an amount not less than fifty percent (50%) of the contract price.


Selection Factors:

  1. Attendance at the pre-proposal site visit at 2:00 p.m. on January 15, 2016. An alternate date may be arranged prior to the site visit, no alternate dates will be arranged after the date of the site visit.
  2. Submittal of three (3) hard copies of the proposal by 5 p.m. on February 1, 2016, to the Lincoln County Clerk’s Office, 925 Sage Avenue. The outside of the envelope shall be marked “Stone Building.”
  3. The Statement of Qualifications shall be sealed in a separate envelope inside the main envelope and clearly marked “Statement of Qualifications.”
  4. The Proposal shall be sealed in a separate envelope inside the main envelope and clearly marked “Proposal.”
  5. Qualifications will be the first item looked at and if the determination is made that the qualifications are not sufficient, the “Proposal” will be returned. Pre-qualification is an option for all proposers and may be done by submitting the “Statement of Qualifications” to the address listed in #2 by 5 p.m. on January 4, 2016.
  6. As a government entity, Lincoln County will follow all applicable state statutes including the 5% preference for Wyoming contractors. Please note, price will only be a consideration for those proposers whose qualifications were determined to be sufficient.


Lincoln County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any formalities and to accept the proposal deemed to be in the best interest of Lincoln County.


Payment shall be made as the project is completed and billed. A final payment of ten percent (10%) of the total price shall be made after completion of the project and inspection by County. Said ten percent (10%) of the contract amount retained by County shall be paid to Contractor after project is completed and a voucher submitted to and approved by the Board of Lincoln County Commissioners. County will then publish notice as required by W.S. § 16-6-116. After the required forty (40) days have passed, provided Contractor files with the Lincoln County Clerk, a sworn statement setting forth that all claims for material and labor performed under the contract have been and are paid for the entire period of time for which the final payment is to be made, pursuant to W.S. § 16-6-117. Billing shall be made by Contractor every thirty (30) days and shall be due within thirty (30) days of receipt by County of invoice.

Questions may be addressed to Matt Mochel at 307-248-0219 or or to Mary Crosby at 307-877-2095 or .

520 damaged sills and stone 520 damaged stone piers 520 Topaz Stone Building Back of 520 Topaz

Notice of Special Meeting Dec 8, 2015

The Lincoln County Commissioners will hold a special meeting Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. at the Lincoln County Branch Office in Afton. Interested parties may attend by video conference in the Lincoln County Courthouse, Commission Board Room. The business to be transacted is in regards to Lincoln County obtaining a Title V right of way which connects County Road 340 and Sevenmile Gulch Road and extends approximately 1.75 miles. The County will also consider whether to adopt the right of way as a county road and an MOU for the maintenance and construction of the road.


Lincoln County Board Training **CANCELLED**

Hosted By The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners and University of Wyoming Extension

This three-hour workshop will give appointed and elected board members the tools they need to succeed in their positions. A separate track will be offered for special district board members.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Board governance & parliamentary procedure
  • Legal compliance & open meetings law
  • State statutes & reporting
  • Fiduciary responsibility

*Dinner will be provided.


June 30

Afton — Civic Center

            5:15 – 8:15 p.m. **CANCELLED**


July 7

Kemmerer — South Lincoln Training & Event Center

            5:15-8:15 p.m. **CANCELLED**



For more information or to RSVP please contact:

Corey Roberts (877-2004) or

Kimberly Chapman (783-0570)

Public Notice – Weed & Pest Board Appointment Meeting


Please take notice that on February 4, 2015, the Lincoln County Commissioners will meet for the purpose of appointing two directors to the Lincoln County Weed and Pest Board. Persons interested in serving on said board should submit a petition signed by at least ten (10) landowners of Lincoln County to be submitted at least five (5) days before the date of the meeting. Petition forms may be obtained from the Lincoln County Weed and Pest Office in Afton or from the County Commissioners’ Office in Kemmerer.

Public Notice – Adoption of Rules for Indigent Burial

Please take notice that on March 3, 2015, Lincoln County intends to adopt RULES REGARDING INDIGENT BURIAL PROVIDED BY LINCOLN COUNTY, WYOMING (“Rules”). Copies of the proposed Rules may be obtained from the Lincoln County Commissioners’ Office: 925 Sage Ave., Suite 302, Kemmerer, WY 83101. Interested persons may submit comments in writing to the Lincoln County Commissioners at 925 Sage Ave., Suite 302, Kemmerer, WY 83101 at any time prior to March 3, 2015. The Rules are new rules authorized by W.S. 16-3-101 et seq. and W.S. 16-4-204 to be adopted by the Lincoln County Commissioners which will govern the procedure and payment related to the burial of indigent persons. The Rules meet the minimum substantive state statutory requirements.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Provides Online Sex Offender Notification Tool

Recently, Sheriff Shane Johnson and the Lincoln Sheriff’s Department launched a new sex offender registration and public notification website called OffenderWatch®. Lincoln County will now be part of a nationwide network of over 5,000 law enforcement agencies which includes every Wyoming county sheriff. The new service is a citizen-friendly, easy to use website that enables citizens to search for potentially dangerous sex offenders and predators, which may be in close proximity to their homes, places of work, schools, churches and day care centers.  The information is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is updated in real time by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office as offender information changes and is reported. As part of this new, innovative service, citizens may enter any address of interest to them, and see a map and listing of all offenders within a user defined radius (of .25 miles out to 2 miles) of that address.  Citizens can then register the address to be continuously monitored by the Sheriff, who will send to them an email alerting them if an offender or predator should register an address within their specified radius of their address. Citizens may confidentially register as many addresses as they like, at no cost to them. Citizens have a right to know who may be living near them and could potentially pose a threat to their families. The Wyoming sheriffs using OffenderWatch® have the most up to date information on all offenders registered in the state and I am happy to be able to provide that information to them, says Sheriff Johnson. The sheriff has also made available additional web based resources designed to educate and inform the public on ways to keep their families safe. The purpose of the program is to lessen the anxiety of citizens by proactively alerting them should an offender/predator move within proximity to them, and to provide the highest level of security and safety to all Lincoln County citizens.   The program also enables the Sheriff to verify that offender addresses do not violate any safety buffers that may be implemented around protected institutions in the county, such as schools, day cares and parks, and helps law enforcement schedule compliance checks for verifying information provided by offenders.

Citizens can access the OffenderWatch® registry at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office sex offender search page at:

Public Notice – Lincoln County Fairgrounds Draft Master Plan – Public Meetings

The Lincoln County Fairboard and County Commissioners will be hosting a series of public meetings to gather input on a draft master plan for the county fairgrounds located in Afton Wyoming. The fairboard and commissioners would like to get ideas from public and various groups on what facilities and programs should be planned for on the fairground property for the next several years. One facility that has been discussed in the past year or two is the need for an indoor riding I multipurpose arena. Come and give your thoughts on this idea and see what has been put together in terms of size, cost, use of building and fees. It is important to note that IF this building project moves forward, No county funds would be used to pay for construction of this building. Money would be generated from private donations and grant funding.


Meetings are scheduled for:

November 5th at the Alpine Town Hall at 7:00p.m.

November 13th  at the Thayne Town Hall at 7:00p.m.

November 18th at the Kemmerer Library at 6:30p.m.

November 19th at the Afton Civic Center at 7:00p.m. *Time updated*

General Election Proclamation

GENERAL ELECTION PROCLAMATION                                                                                              LINCOLN COUNTY, WYOMING                                                                                                
GENERAL ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE: Monday, October 20, 2014
                             PARTISAN OFFICERS TO BE ELECTED
1 U.S. Senator 6-year
1 U.S. Representative 2-year
1 Governor 4-year
1 Secretary of State 4-year
1 State Auditor 4-year
1 State Treasurer 4-year
1 State Superintendent of Public Instruction 4-year
1 State Representative HD #18 2-year
1 State Representative HD #21 2-year
1 State Representative HD #22 2-year
2 County Commissioners 4-year
1 County Coroner 4-year
1 County Attorney 4-year
1 County Sheriff 4-year
1 County Clerk 4-year
1 County Treasurer 4-year
1 County Assessor 4-year
1 Clerk of District Court 4-year
                             NON-PARTISAN OFFICERS TO BE ELECTED
2 Retention of Justices of the Supreme Court 8-year
2 Retention of District Court Judges 6-year
3 Retention of Circuit Court Judges 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of Afton 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Afton 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of Alpine 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Alpine 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of Cokeville 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Cokeville 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of Diamondville 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Diamondville 4-year
1 Councilperson, City of Kemmerer Ward #1 4-year
1 Councilperson, City of Kemmerer Ward #2 4-year
1 Councilperson, City of Kemmerer Ward #3 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of LaBarge 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of LaBarge 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of Opal 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Opal 4-year
1 Councilperson, Town of Opal 2-year
1 Mayor, Town of Thayne 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Thayne 4-year
1 Mayor, Town of Star Valley Ranch 4-year
2 Councilpersons, Town of Star Valley Ranch 4-year
2 Trustees, School District #1 4-year
1 Trustee, School District #2 – At-Large 4-year
1 Trustee, School District #2 – Area 2 4-year
1 Trustee, School District #2 – Area 5 4-year
2 Trustees, School District #9, Sublette County At-Large 4-year
3 Directors, Cokeville Cemetery 4-year
3 Directors, South Lincoln Cemetery 4-year
2 Directors, South Lincoln Cemetery 2-year
1 Director, Lincoln Conservation District – Rural 4-year
1 Director, Lincoln Conservation District – Urban 4-year
1 Director, Star Valley Conservation District-Rural 4-year
1 Director, Star Valley Conservation District-At-Large 4-year
1 Director, Star Valley Conservation District-Urban 4-year
2 Directors, Bear River Fire District 4-year
2 Directors, Upper Valley Fire District 4-year
4 Trustees, North Lincoln Hospital District 4-year
1 Trustee, North Lincoln Hospital District 2-year
2 Trustees, South Lincoln Hospital District 4-year
2 Trustees, Proposed Cokeville Hospital District 4-year
3 Trustees, Proposed Cokeville Hospital District 2-year
EVERY candidate, whether successful or not, must file BOTH campaign reports.
This includes candidates who neither receive nor spend any money during the
campaign. Candidates or committees who fail to file the required reports within
the stipulated time are subject to civil and other penalties. A candidate who fails to file the
Statement of Receipts required by the 7th day before the election will have his/her
name printed on a list that will be made available to the public.   In addition, a candidate who
fails to file the statement required under W.S. 22-26-106 within 30 days of the report due date
is ineligible to run as a candidate for any state of local office for which a statement is required
until five years have elapsed from the date the statement was first due, or until the required
statement has been filed. This section does not apply to special district candidates.


If you require assistance to vote by reason of blindness, disability or inability to read or

write, you may be given assistance by a person of your choice.   If you have questions
regarding the accessibility of your polling place, please contact the County Clerk’s Office.
Absentee ballots may be requested through November 3, 2014.   A ballot may be obtained
by contacting the County Clerk’s Office in person or in writing at the Lincoln County
Courthouse, 925 Sage Ave., Ste. 101, Kemmerer, WY 83101, or by calling
307-877-2021 or 800-442-9001 ext. 2021.
Dated this 24th day of September, 2014.
April Brunski
Deputy County Clerk