employee recognition

Recognition of years of service with Lincoln County Government departments.

March Years of Service Recognization

At the Commissioners April 5th meeting two employees were recognized for their years of service with Lincoln County. Scott Sargent received his certificate for 5 years and is a Deputy County Attorney in Kemmerer. Wayne Harmon works in Cokeville for the Road and Bridge Department. Wayne has been with the County for 25 years.  Congratulations Wayne and Scott!

August 2015 Recognition

Jeanette Fagnant was recognized by the Lincoln County Commissioners for her 10 years of service with Lincoln County. She is the Development Administrator at the Planning Office in Kemmerer.  Todd Bateman, who is a Equipment Operator at the Thayne Facility, received his 15 years of service award. Congratulations Jeanette and Todd!

July 2015 Recognition

The Lincoln County Commissioners recognized the following employees at their meeting on July 8th

Debra Dryden, 5 Years, Communications Supervisor at the Sheriff’s Office in Kemmerer

Shane Robinson, 10 Years, Physical Facilities Supervisor in Afton

Jonathan Teichert, 10 Years, Senior Planner at the Planning Office in Kemmerer

Jill Hubbard, 15 Years, Extension Office Secretary in Afton

Congraulations to Debra, Shane, Jonathan and Jill, we appreciate all you do!