Lincoln County Attorney's Office

The Lincoln County Attorney is responsible to prosecute felonies and most misdemeanors committed within Lincoln County. In addition, the County Attorney’s Office represents the county in civil matters and acts as legal counsel to the county officers acting in their official capacity.

Office & Business Hours

Lincoln County Attorney's Office
520 Topaz St., Suite 110
Kemmerer, WY 83101

Phone: (307)877-9056
Toll Free: (800)442-9001
Fax: (307)877-4168

Afton Office:
421 Jefferson St.
Afton, WY 83110
Phone: (307)885-0164
Fax: (307)885-0163

Offices Open: 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday

Frequently Requested Information

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Lincoln County AttorneyJoshua Smith
Deputy County AttorneyJoseph Cole
Deputy County AttorneyGreg Corpening
Deputy County AttorneyScott Sargent
Admin. Assistant - AftonJudi Nield
Admin. Assistant - KemmererTeresa Strom