Month: July 2014

Happy Summer from Lincoln County Public Health

Public Health had an excellent time at this year’s Fossil Fest in Kemmerer. We handed out a lot of free water and a lot of free sunscreen. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us!


Make sure you come say hello to us at the Lincoln County Fair August 5th through 9th. We’ll have free water, sunscreen, mini first aid kits, and a raffle for larger first aid supplies kits that are super handy to keep in your family emergency readiness stash at home!


Healthier You Tip #9

We deal with thunderstorms every summer.  They can be deadly.


Some points to remember:

  •  Lightning can strike you even with the main thunderstorm 10 miles away.
  •  Lightning can travel through sprinkler pipe, fences and anything metal.
  • Take cover during a thunderstorm.


More information on lightning safety can be found at the following website:

Check out the “more information” portion of that site for additional resources about lightning and thunderstorm safety.


So all of  you with outdoor activities remember to “Read and Heed.”  Are you taking a scout or youth  group out camping?  Know the dangers of lightning and what you can do to be safe.


–written by Dean Burnham