Parcel Map Image
Parcel Map
Old Zoning Map
Ownership/Zoning Map
OwnershipProperty Details, and Other Mapping Data contained in the Ownership/Zoning Map.  Mobile Friendly. Old Version with Current data. Ownership, Zoning, Flood Plain, Subdivisions, Roads, Recommended Design Criteria.  This Map requires Adobe Flash plugin and is not compatible with mobile devices.
Voting Map
Precincts & Polling Locations
Historic Map
Historic Trails & Places
Zoom in to see what precinct you are in and where you vote. You may also search for your property by site address. Map of historic trails and locations throughout the county using a Storybook Map.
Verify Rural Address Tool
Statewide Parcel Viewer
Wyoming Statewide Parcel Viewer

Map with primary purpose of checking and verifying rural addresses.  Includes addresses assigned by Lincoln County that are outside of municipalities. The State of Wyoming is hosting a Statewide Parcel Viewer containing Ownership data across the state. The data contained in this map is only updated once per year and may not reflect current ownership. Please view their disclaimer.
Web Soils Survey
Soil Survey Maps

The NRCS is hosting a Web Soil Survey, an interactive Soils Survey Map with data. This link is made for your convenience, and Lincoln County disclaims any legal responsibility of any data or information contained therein or any assumptions made using their data or information. If you are unsure of how to use these tools, here are videos to help you learn (for use with the Ownership/Zoning Map):
Map Use Overview
Identity Tools
Enhanced Search Tool
Help Sheet