ruraladdressNOTE: New County Rural Addresses are assigned by the County when one of the following permits have been received and approved by the County Planning Office: Residential Use Building Permit, Small Wastewater Permit, and Zoning & Development Permit.

You may find that your red address numbers are hard to read and have turned white because they fade so quickly. We are now switching to new GREEN numbers. They don’t fade as fast and have a slightly larger print so they are easily seen. If you haven’t received your new green numbers, you can pick them up from our office in Kemmerer or Afton for free. These numbers are for rural addresses outside of incorporated towns.

Address numbers are assigned at the point at which your driveway intersects the public or private road which provides access to your property. To ensure emergency response, the address numbers must be posted so that they are clearly visible from the roadway.

When installing your address plate, follow these guidelines:

  • Parallel to (facing) the road
  • At driveway access
  • Out of the legal right-of-way
  • Out of the way of snow removal
  • On any post or structure (fence, mailbox, gate, cattle guard, etc.)
  • At least four (4) feet above the ground

Address Verification
To verify an your address, use our Address Verification Tool.

Please contact the Kemmerer or Afton office for any questions or concerns.