Our goal is to provide you with courteous and quality service. We hope you find it useful in contacting our office by phone or e-mail and to find out information on recording land documents and titling vehicles. We also have information on registering to vote and specific dates in order to meet election requirement; marriage licenses, Notary Public filings, liquor licenses, and UCC filings.

This office doesn't have or file Birth Certificates. Vital Records in Cheyenne, WY maintains those records. They can be contacted at (307)777-7591 or on their website.

Offices & Business Hours

Kemmerer Office Hours: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
Afton Office Hours: 8AM - 5PM Monday - Friday

Lincoln County Clerk
925 Sage Ave., Suite 101 (first floor)
Kemmerer, WY 83101
Phone: (307)877-9056
Fax: (307)877-3101

Afton Office:
421 Jefferson St.
Afton, WY 83110
Phone: (307)885-3825
Fax: (307)885-0017





Lincoln County Clerk April Brunski (307)877-9056 x2021
Deputy Clerk/Titles/Elections Jamie Painter (307)877-9056 x2027
Deputy Clerk/Payroll/Titles Toni Sudonick (307)877-9056 x2025
Recording Clerk   (307)877-9056 x2026
Accounts Payable Heidi Beachler (307)877-9056 x2022
Title Clerk Korinne Costello (307)877-9056 x2024
Clerk - Afton Tammy Martinz (307)885-4700 x4740
Clerk - Afton Holly Steed (307)885-4700 x4741
Clerk - Afton Debbie Allred (307)885-4700 x4742
Clerk - Afton Tessa Kaiser (307)885-4700 x4741