Kenneth D. Roberts
Clerk of the Third Judicial District Court
Lincoln County, Wyoming
Jenny Clarke
Chief Deputy Clerk
Donna Hinton
Deputy Clerk
Shonda Hill
Deputy Clerk
Domestic Relations
Brandy Limb
Deputy Clerk

Clerk of District Court Duties
The Lincoln County Clerk of District Court is part of the Third Judicial District and is responsible for maintaining court records and filing associated documents. As such, each clerk in our office specializes in a particular area including civil, criminal, juvenile, adoption and probate. Our other duties include processing court ordered payments, management of jury selection, handling appeals, record searches, accepting and processing passport documentation and performing naturalization ceremonies.

It is our goal to make navigating these processes a more pleasant experience. Please note that while we do our best to be helpful, District Court employees are prohibited by law from giving any legal advice.

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Clerk of the Third Judicial District Court of Lincoln County

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
Phone:  (307)877-9056
Fax:  (307)877-6263
 Clerk of District Court
Lincoln County Courthouse
925 Sage Ave, Suite 202
Kemmerer, WY  83101
Mailing Address:
Clerk of District Court
PO Box 510
Kemmerer, WY  83101